Who we are
HarborLight Services, a company that helps organizations create high-performing workforces. We design, deliver, and implement
solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent. Our solutions
provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback programs, management
development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and other employment issues.
Our Vision
To create a company culture based on win-win solutions for all parties, including our employees, our partners, our clients and
ourselves. Our goal at the end of each day is not just to earn a wage and a profit, but also to hold our heads high, knowing that we
dealt with each person and each situation in a fair and dignified manner.  
Our Leadership Team
The founding partners of HarborLight Consulting Services each have over twenty years  of experience in financial, consulting and
professional services. They value the professional drive and determination of everyone met along the journey.  They believe that
everyone who makes time in their busy schedule to interact with our company deserves to have that time spent wisely.  All requests,
concerns and suggestions are addressed in a timely and straightforward manner. The expectations of those we are privileged  to
call our clients will be exceeded.
imagine great people
About HarborLight Services
What we can do for you
HarborLight Services can help your organization create a high-performing workforce. We are experts in the process of selecting and
developing high-performance workforces through innovative human resource management solutions.
Our Values
HarborLight Services, founded on the following principles

  • Mutuality and Respect
  • Professionalism and Quality Service
  • Philanthropic Community Commitment
  • Ethical and Honorable Business Practices
  • Accessible and Visible Partner Management
".. exceptional business
adviser and resource.
Insight and knowledge is
invaluable...functions as a
true business partner and
brings a very high degree
of integrity to every
interaction. I highly
recommend (HarborLight
Services) to anyone
looking to improve their
talent acquisition and
management process.."

Business Owner- CEO