A clear shift has taken place in what prospects are thinking.  Are your salespeople aware of this shift to customer focus?  Some good points are made in the linked article appearing in  Sales & Marketing They accurately reflect my observations and experiences culminating from countless numbers of meetings with Business Owners and Sales Managers.

Each day I witness the demonstration of the often used definition of insanity.  Companies attempt to sell their products and services to a customer base that no longer is in the market for their offerings. I challenge business owners by asking them what differentiates their product or service. Although time and time again the response is “we aren’t different”, they express little interest in identifying and pursuing a competitive advantage in the marketplace by adjusting with their customers needs. More times than not they can’t articulate which of the pillars of competition they are presently engaged in; Price, Service, or Innovation. Rather than carefully considering mapping a course including a clear message they insist on sticking to a strategy of simply repeating what hasn’t worked.

I wonder how many Business Owners and Sales Managers consider what it must be like to be on the receiving end of a sales call from one of their account managers.