I’ve read the articles, blog posts, even a few books that have been written on the topic of Cold Calling and its relevance in today’s sales process. Many profess that the cold call is dead. They claim it’s been replaced with flashy websites, content rich blogs, webinars, and seminars.  I disagree.

I like technology and I use it in my own sales process. Nonetheless, technology hasn’t dethroned the cold call or eliminated its usefulness.  The cold call remains a powerful and practical tool for anyone charged with the responsibility of business development, especially those engaged in business to business sales.  The cold call has a place in today’s high tech sales process.  It can augment and compliment sales approaches that include the use of the previously mentioned sales technologies.  Cold calling, when  aligned with social networking, can yield exponentially positive results.

The Harvard Business Review posted a short article that I enjoyed.  It’s a sales/cold calling 101 refresher. I hope you enjoy it too!   Cold Call Tactics That Increase Sales