I don’t often feel strongly enough about an article to leave a comment. George Anders  Todays Biggest Talent Management Challenges (Harvard Business Review) is an exception.  Mr. Anders does a fine job in capturing the challenges business face in winning the war in Talent Management. Unfortunately his article also demonstrates how poorly companies implement and execute strategies that result in engaged workforces populated with top performers.

I meet with company stakeholders every day, ranging from Business Owners, C Suite Executives, Unit Managers, and Human Resources.  I’m struck by just how often various groups within an organization are out of step with one another at best, or working against one another in the worst cases.  It seems convenient for many to simply do nothing than to take purposeful action. Those that have the most to gain typically tend to focus their attention on the urgent as opposed to the important.  The opportunity to produce measurable improvements in performance for the overall good of the organization is missed.

Another contributor mentioned in their comments on the article, “decision science is here to enable and simplify talent decisions that are informed and support the business strategy”. I couldn’t agree more. The science is simple, inexpensive, immediately implementable, and the ROI is measurable and significant.