In meeting after meeting with Managers and Business Owners there comes a point during the discussion where I see potential clients hit a wall.  Initially the idea of creating a fully engaged workforce at every level and in every position seems like an undertaking that will require a Herculean effort.  It’s doesn’t.  My advice is to avoid the desire to boil the ocean.

I suggest pursuing a systematic approach of identifying the group, department, or even individual Managers with the greatest need for measurable improvement. Begin with the low hanging fruit which affords the promise of the greatest return in the least amount of time.  Often times the starting point is in defining what top performance even looks like in objective terms.  As the initial effort begins attention can then be turned to other areas based on complexity and business readiness.

The first phase will produce discoveries and information that will provide clarity and insight. It might be determined that the employee performing in a certain position is simply the wrong person for the job. Or, it might be discovered that the person is very well suited for the job but working with a Manager that is unaware of how to properly motivate and manage the employee to achieve the highest levels of production. In any event what is borne from the initial discussions and early phases is a roadmap to improvement based on measurable criteria.

Moving forward by taking the first step is the only logical choice a prudent Business Owner or Manager has if they truly desire to achieve significant improvement in the return on the invests made in their people.