HarborLight Service's  mid-size business talent management solutions will help you engage your employees and improve productivity across your
entire organization.  As businesses continue the struggle to stay afloat, it is increasingly important to find new ways to get the most performance out
of your employees.

If your mid-size business is anything like most others, your workforce consumes a very large percentage of your operating budget.  It should be no
surprise to you that your employees are your greatest asset!  That’s why it is critical to have a talent management solution in place so that you can
optimize your workforce for maximum productivity.

HarborLight Service's mid-size business talent management solutions help managers and business owners to:

  • Hire great employees.  Understand the core characteristics of top performers in a job and use them as a benchmark to measure job
  • Build and lead effective teams.  Find the right balance that will help the team leader assemble and shape a team into something more than just
    a group of individuals.
  • Improve employee performance.  Drive the overall performance of your organization by coaching employees into developing the skills they
    need to be better at what they do.
  • Develop great leaders.  Assess and develop the competencies of managers, both new and experienced.
  • Create a plan for your workforce.  Organize a succession plan so that you can ensure the long-term success of your business.

Our mid-size business talent management solutions will transform your organization.  You can achieve real and measurable results by changing the
way you manage your workforce. Our mid-size business talent management solutions will help your business achieve:

  • Revenue Growth. Retain high performers and fill more open positions with internal candidates.  Optimizing your workforce will have a
    significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Greater Productivity. Align your employees’ goals with the goals of your organization and then continuously track their performance and
  • Cost Savings. Reduce turnover and cut costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training new employees.
Small business talent management and employee development solutions from HarborLight Services will help you to recruit, hire,
retain, engage and promote your best employees. As a small business owner, you know that the profitability and productivity of your
company depends mainly on your employees and their ability to perform at full potential.  HarborLight Service's small business
talent management solutions work on that same philosophy: Your people are your greatest asset.

Our small business talent management solutions are specifically designed to help small businesses hire the best people, develop
the best leaders, build the best teams and get the best performance.  Whether you employ a small group of telecommuters or
share an office with several departments, our solutions can help you make informed decisions about managing your employees so
that you can enjoy greater success as a small business. Our small business talent management solutions will transform the way
you run your business.  You can achieve real, measurable – better – results by changing the way you manage your employees.

HarborLight Service's small business talent management solutions will help your business achieve:

  • Cost Savings. Reduce turnover and cut costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training new employees.
  • Revenue Growth. Maximize productivity among current employees and make informed hiring decisions that lead to success.
  • Greater Productivity. Align your employees’ goals with the goals of your business and then continuously track their
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Services We Provide
Small Business - 1-500 employees
Mid-Size Business- 500-5,000 employees
Enterprise Business   5,000–20,000+ employees  
In today’s economy, enterprise-level organizations must be able to react to change quickly.  Business leaders are under constant pressure to
respond to rapidly changing technology, major restructuring, new leadership and changes to overall strategy.  The most critical element that drives
changes within an organization is the ability of its leaders to manage talent.

Enterprise business talent management solutions from HarborLight Services deliver leaders and managers the information they need to make
decisions that drive change. Recently, there has been an unprecedented level of corporate restructuring and executive turnover in large
corporations.  Our talent management solutions can help you to:

  • Leverage flexibility in deploying talent to meet changing business needs, including the hiring of new employees and the redeployment of
    existing employees into new or restructured positions and/or teams, while ensuring that the right person is in the right job
  • Rapidly build a leadership and career pipeline for a promising, younger workforce
  • Increase focus on performance improvement by understanding how to lead, manage and interact with individual employees to achieve top
  • Develop and understand current leadership

Talent management strategies have evolved significantly in the last few years as technological advancement becomes a calculated, competitive
edge for businesses.  Talent management, over the next few years, will become one of the most difficult tasks an organization may face as fewer
workers with the right skill sets are entering the marketplace.   Despite the economy, many organizations are facing severe or major shortages in
quality managers and executive-level positions.

By investing in new technology and ongoing research, your organization can proactively eliminate hiring, on-boarding, employee development, talent
retention and career planning issues before they begin and address challenges that already exist.  Solutions offered by HarborLight Services can be
leveraged for use across your entire organization.  Developing an effective talent management strategy is the first step in making sure your
organization can respond to challenges like preparing for the emerging talent crisis, cultivating the skill sets of your current workforce and retaining
highly talented employees.
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